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Arley Station History (continued)

By the end of 1974 the relaying of the line through platform 1 was under way, and the former LNWR signal box from Yorton in Shropshire was undergoing reconstruction on the site of the original box.  Also by late in 1974 work had been completed to the up and bay platform walls and the up platform fence had been erected.

The works completed, the first day of crossing services at Arley was 25th May 1975.

More recently a new refreshment kiosk has been built in period style on the site of the old weighbridge building.

Ever since the 1970’s there has always been a group of dedicated volunteers (currently numbering about 20) who work around the year to staff the platforms, refreshment kiosk, shop and booking office, clean and maintain the station buildings, maintain the cuttings at each end of the station and improve and maintain the station’s beautiful gardens.  Many visitors will get off the train at Arley Station in order to pay a visit to one of the frequent special events that we are involved in throughout the year, to enjoy a walk by the river or just to enjoy the beauty of the scene and soak up the atmosphere.  If you haven’t been to see for yourself why not come and pay us a visit?


There are a number of excellent and well illustrated books available about the history of the Severn Valley Railway, (and one of particular interest to those concerned with Arley Station) these include:

The Severn Valley Railway at Arley” by former Arley Station Master Barrie Geens is available from the Arley station shop (and also those at Bridgnorth and Kidderminster stations and the Kidderminster Railway Museum). ISBN 1-874103-23-2

The Severn Valley Railway” by John Marshall provides a full history of the line between Hartlebury and Shrewsbury including the Kidderminster loop, together with many illustrations.  ISBN 0-946537-45-3

The Severn Valley Railway – A View From The Past” by Michael A. Vanns also covers the whole line, mainly in the form of a collection of superb historic photographs.  ISBN 0-7110-2599-1

The Severn Valley Railway – Past and Present” by Roger Siviter provides a series of paired views showing how various parts of the railway look now compared to how they looked in the past.  

* The traditional way of referring to the two directions of travel along a railway line is ‘up’ and ‘down’.  On the Great Western this referred to travel towards Paddington (up) and away from Paddington (down).  In the case of the Severn Valley Railway trains travelling towards Bridgnorth are therefore down trains, and trains travelling towards Kidderminster are up trains. 

At Arley up trains always depart from the up platform (the station building side).  Depending on the timetable in operation, down trains may arrive and depart from either the down platform (the garden side) or the up platform, as shown on the platform destination boards.

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