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Updated 22/02/09

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Arley Station Maintenance

The staff at Arley has remained as active as ever if not even more so to carry out many tasks. On this page we try to show you as many as possible of the jobs that we are doing as well as any projects that are currently underway at Arley.

One of the projects that have been going on is the renovation of the frontage of the Station Building on Platform 1. The Station Masters office, Waiting Room and Ladies doors have all recieved attention from Andy Williams and Ian Duncan, they have all been touched up and repainted.


The glass canopy has been cleaned of all the grime and Ray Ellis is currently repainting the valance board, and the guttering, after a good clean. Also all of the cast iron brackets holding the canopy up were washed down and cleaned by James Rogers and Catherine Martin, and the undercoat had been started by Paul Woodgates.



Also another large project has been the relaying of the Platform edging slabs at the North end of both platforms 1 and 2. This involved a roadrailer lifting the heavy slabs and movingthem to the back of the platforms, so that the top layer of edge bricks can be removed, all the old cement chiselled of, and once this phase has been completed, it is hoped that the top layer of bricks will be relaid and then the edging slabs will be put back in place hopefully a lot more level than before, this project is being led by Alan Davies, who has built a gauge to judge the correct distance of the edging slabs in relation to the track.




Also on the platforms, Arthur "Chippie" Hamson has rebuilt the Signalmans gate on Platform 1, and also a brand new staff gate at the far north of platform 1, as well as working on many other project, fixing platform trolleys and benches etc.






Many people have helped renovating the many benches that are around the station, this is an ongoing project but recognition must go to Dick Bailey, Arthur Lynch, The DOE group girls and the many other people who have spent time rubbing down and repainting the benches, they really do look splendid.




Jack Bond is working as hard as ever to renovate the sleeping coach, so that all bunkswill be fit for staff to sleep in and with the help of Hugh McQuade has managed to weld the last window frame in place on the River side. Also David Skitt has made considerable progress on the painting of the exterior on the yard side of the coach. Jack has also been working on restoring a small platfrom trolley with high, slide out sides so that it can be used around the station.




The gardening team, especially Bob Morris and Elma Allen has also been working as hard as ever. The gardeners are still making sure that the gardens are as fantastic as ever for the benefit of visitors.





The dedicated ladies in the kiosk have still been coming and opening it every weekend for teas, coffes, homemade sandwiches and cakes. This is all thanks to; Mary Tillot, Marina Griffiths, Mandy Holden, Joan Stokes and Doris Nelson.





The Station shop is also open at weekends wherever possible and is manned by Beryl Hansom, with a variety of second hand railway books, magazines, toys etc it is well worth a look round for all the family.




The Speartop fencing around the station is also being repainted and in places repaired, four bent panels were sent to a black smith to be straightened out and have been painted black ready to be put into place, also the ones by the Refreshment kiosk have been rubbed down and painted in Situ.





And of course our station master, Ian Latimer is seen here painting some speartop fencing. Ian was recently awarded as one of the Express and Stars Local Hero, for his efforts in the wake of the recent Flood damage and also for his 25 years as Station master at Arley.





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