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Arley Station Work Report in Pictures- 24th January 2008 (updated 21st September 2009)

Here are a selection of pictures of the work that is underway at Arley Station by the volunteers.

During the past few months Malcolm Broadhurst and Matthew Breese have worked hard, repairing, repainting and re-boarding two of our LMS platform trolleys. The left trolley is now fit to be used, with the right one only needing some new boards on it.

In the sleeping coach, Jack Bond has now finished welding all the windows in on the river side and is now fitting the panelling in Bunk 1. Above are two pictures of one of the finished bunks in all its glory, and the other is Jack working hard to get them up to that high standard.

The Arley Permanent Way trolley is being used to go to Eyemore cutting to remove the logs that have been cut down on the banks by the contractors, Richard, Bob and James take a breather before pushing the trolley back up the hill to the station. Also another photograph of Ian, Paul and Bob undercoating the inside of the valance board and the cast iron supports.

Over the past month, all the existing lamp posts have been repainted and two new lamps have been reinstated either side of the barrow crossing at the south end of the station. On the left we see Jack Bond, Alan Davies, Richard Cooper and James Rodgers making the final preparations to the hole for the west lamp, and on the right, the lamp after being put in.




Left: Bob Morris, Alan Gough and Alan Davies are seen clearing the embankment to the North of Arley and Right: Ian Latimer and James Rodgers can be seen burning the rubbish to clear the same embankment.



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